Fire Generation recently held special revival services in the Boland, Western Cape. 3 days in Robertson – 3 days in Worcester. The power & glory of God was present from day one.

We had 68 confirmed healings. Many others prayed for (with cancer etc.) still need to go for tests and report back to us, but the power of God was tangible and we have no doubt that these people were healed. We witnessed many powerful miracles: A ladies foot that was going to be amputated was completely healed. Ear infections – completely dried up and healed instantly. Arthritis healed. Partial blindness – healed. Serious heart diseases and pain – healed. Many other back and leg sicknesses – healed instantly. All this, just from the confirmed healings! Many of them were captured on film and we will be editing and compiling a short DVD. I would estimate that there was an average of 75%-80% instant healings and in one service we had 99% confirmed healings. There were powerful financial miracles that manifested the day after we prayed for people.

We had 98 salvations!

We also had special ladies meetings in the mornings and many ladies were touched by the power and love of God in a special way. Hundreds of people were touched with the Fire of God as we saw hungry and desperate people running to the altar for Fire impartation.

TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE as we see His Kingdom being established on this earth like never before!!!!!!!